Bird fowling is a major hazard

& should be treated urgently

to avoid harmful bacteria

and pathogens

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Fouling Removal

Health Hazard

Any Bird fouling should be considered a serious health hazard and should be treated as a matter of some urgency. Bird fouling is known to contain harmful bacteria and pathogens, which can be transmitted to humans via the birds and the bird fouling.


  • Listeriosis
  • Paratyphoid
  • Ornithosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tuberculosis

Bird fouling also contains harmful acids, which erode masonry, and damages paint on vehicles as well as block rainwater gutters and gullies.

Bulk build up of fouling/nesting material and dead birds also contains many types of flies, crawling and biting insects, which can cause secondary infestations within the building.

Slippery footpaths caused by bird fouling can also be a hazard to staff and customers alike.

Bird Fouling is classified as controlled waste and should be disposed of correctly.


The following programme to be carried out for the removal of bird fouling:

  • A Biocide spray treatment is applied to all the areas of concern.
  • Bulk fouling to be removed with brushes scrappers.
  • Bag up Fouling remove from site.
  • 2nd Biocide spray treatment is applied to all the areas.
  • All fouling, which is collected from site, will be disposed of and issued with a waste transfer note.


You may notice the following benefits when a bird system has been put in place:

  • Maintenance cleaning costs
  • Reduce risk of illness to staff
  • Slippery Floor/Footpath
  • Water Blockages
  • Damage to building
  • Clean windows
  • Damage to company image
  • Noise
  • Foul Odour
  • Removal of secondary insect infestation
  • Third party claim

Norwich Pest Control can supply and install a full range of effective bird control systems. We can protect and remove these unwelcome visitors from your property using various humane methods without causing any harm to the birds. Netting, Spikes and Post + Wire are all systems used to carry out Bird Proofing:

Norwich Pest Control is a Registered waste carrier No AEA/794456

We are fully experienced to carry out all bird waste removal and proofing methods.

If you require our services or would like a Free Survey and Quotation please call us on 01603 744556 or request a quote.