Pigeons, Starlings & Gulls in most

towns & cities throughout the UK.

are a major pest

in most UK towns

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Bird Management

Pigeons, Starlings and Gulls are a major pest in most towns and cities throughout the UK.

Pigeons typically go to the highest point of a building to gather information on the location of its food supply. Due to this reliable food source, ideal nesting and roosting opportunities are soon found. These birds are here to stay. Nesting Birds tend to stay lower on buildings creating a mass of twigs and debris for the nest; the build up of fouling soon appears followed by the arrival of juveniles/youngsters. This becomes a potential hazard on its own:

  • Spread of Diseases: Salmonella Ornithosis
  • Deface/Erode buildings
  • Slippery Footpaths
  • Secondary Insect Infestations
  • Unsightly Nesting Material
  • Acidic Damage to car paint
  • Unpleasant odour/smells

Depending on flock numbers in the vicinity, the level of infestation on any given building may vary. We would recommend that those areas affected be treated to prevent birds colonising the site. It is important that competent fully trained personnel should survey and install bird-proofing methods, as all to often, inexperienced contractors are responsible for unsuccessful bird control systems.

Norwich Pest Control can supply and install a full range of effective bird control systems.

We can protect and remove these unwelcome visitors from your property using various humane methods without causing any harm to the birds. Netting, Spikes, Post + Wire and Avishock are all systems used to carry out Bird Proofing.

If you require our services or would like a Free Survey and Quotation please call us on 01603 744556 or request a quote.