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Booklice Fact file for treating Booklice
Treatment Type: Insecticide spray
Number of visits: 1-2
Cost: request a quote
Response Time: Same Day/Next day
Call 01603 744556 to request a call out

Signs of Booklice

  • Inside: Generally seen inside where places of high humidity or damp conditions are found. Storage cupboards/packaging material, plaster or crawling around the floor or worktop areas.

Life Cycle

  • Incomplete Metamorphosis: Egg followed by Nymph stage moulting before emerging as an Adult.
  • Eggs: up to 200 eggs in total.
  • Nymph stage: Moults 3-8 times.
  • Size: Adult 1-2mm
  • Colour: Pale yellow to brown.

If you're a resident of Norwich, Norfolk and need assistance for the safe removal of Booklice, please call Norwich Pest Control on 01603 744556, or send an email.

Booklice (Psocids spp)

Booklice are found widespread from houses to warehouses. Damp conditions are favourable; from bathrooms to kitchens and warehouses to pallets these areas can all hold significant numbers under the right conditions. They feed on micro fauna growing on the surface of cardboard or paper products. They rarely cause damage directly by feeding and are virtually harmless in small numbers. Large infestations, however, may cause significant damage to delicate materials such as books. The adult can lay up to 200 eggs, which hatch approximately 7-14 days later. The nymph moults 3 to 8 times. The adults will live for up to 6 months and generally appear from April through to November.

DIY Pest Control

If you're considering treating the pest problem yourself, here are some pointers to bear in mind

  • Our pest control treatments are fit for purpose, and far stronger than any off the shelf treatments. Similar to off the shelf medicines, a prescription drug from your GP would be significantly stronger and more effective
  • Our treatments are effective and affected areas are treated by trained staff
  • Off the shelf treatments will most likely be temporary at best. Hiring a pest control company will save you money in the long term.